Schelbach Home back to nature and enjoy the culture of german forest

Five Senses


A range of available technical options means that our wood furniture can have a different feel every time: rough, smooth, hard, or really soft. Just like the many tree types with their different barks. Feel the variety of our solid wood furniture.


Wood furniture reflects the natural colors found in nature. Beech wood has a slightly red tinge while oak will tend more towards a grey tone. Another conspicuous feature is the variety of wood grains that lend a unique visual appearance to each piece of furniture.


As a place that is home to natural sounds, we experience the forest environment as pleasant and relaxing. The same applies to our furniture – drawers and doors close softly and quietly. Wood has a warm and calming sound.


Our wood has absorbed the aroma of the forest over decades. All seasons, weather conditions and different soils are reflected in a particular "tree scent". We use high-quality oils and waxes to maintain this natural aroma.


Standing in a German forest and inhaling deeply, you can taste the aroma of the trees on your lips. Our natural oils and waxes allow you to experience these moments.





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